Why You Should Put Your Shoes In A Display Case

Why Put Your Shoes In A Display Case?

Take a look at this amazing basketball shoe mancave...Wow, now that's why shoes belong in display cases!  


Northwest_js, one of our long-time returning customers, tagged us in a post on Instagram to share how he is using our Basketball Shoe Display Case...correction, cases.

He has purchased from us not one, not two, but 23 display cases for his massive shoe collection! This collection is made up of shoes from popular brands like Nike and Jordan.

“Well I started collecting back in 1990 with a pair of Jordan 5s.  I’ve always worn jordans or Nike’s but never took care or displayed ‘em.  About 4 years ago with help from my son I started picking up pairs.  Then I made the decision to go after pairs I had when I was younger, then I moved into Player Exclusive NBA Jordans.  Next was the PE college Jordans, but these are pairs that I’ll never wear, but rather display cause I see ‘em as others view art.  I only wear about 1/3 of my collection,” he said.

He let us know that he has “had nothing but success with all 23 cases I got.” He went on to speak of our customer service as well, stating, “a few years ago I had one show up damaged and you guys were great with the customer service and getting a new one out to me.” These cases look nothing shy of pure awesome. 

The shoes on display line the walls of the room with some added custom work done by him. He added backdrops to the cases as well as LED lighting. Now, while these are not customizable features that we offer, we do not discourage our customers from displaying their story however they see fit. The clear acrylic is easy to see through and does not reduce any visibility of the shoes inside. Having purchased 23 cases from us, Northwest_js is a highly valued customer and we are happy to see his creative way of putting his shoes on display as he has achieved peak basketball shoe mancave perfection.

The Basketball Shoe Display Case is a fantastic product that comes in either a mirror or clear case, perfect for displaying your high-top shoes. We offer all kinds of shoe display cases for a number of different varieties. Maybe you want one for one shoe or two shoes. Maybe you want a one with a black, white or wood base/floor. Maybe you want a turf floor or base for your cleats. Wall mounts are even available too, if you so choose. At Better Display Cases, we believe in displaying your story, and if an item is in a case, there must be a story behind it. So in the end, we go back to our original question, why put your shoes in a display case? The answer, to make them look awesome and help tell their story.




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