What Really Makes Better Display Cases Better


What **Really** Makes Better Display Cases "Better"

Here's a new video that explains what really differentiates our company from other display case companies. Of course the quality of our product, our customer service, our quality control and shipping processes are all super important and industry leading.

But there is one thing that really separates us from the pack. That thing can be summarized in one word: COLOR. 

We offer our customers many color options. In fact, way more than even Sherwin-Williams. In fact, for every display case we offer 792 color options. Amazing.

Other display case companies generally offer one type of display case: black base, gold risers, mirror case. That's it.

We offer three different types of cases: a mirror case, clear case or wall mount case.

We also offer six different type/color bases: black acrylic, white acrylic, clear acrylic, turf, synthetic wood, and mirror.

and if that wasn't enough, every one of those options comes with your choice of eleven (yes 11) different color risers (gold, silver, black, red, white, blue, yellow, pink, purple, green and of course my personal favorite -- Tennessee ORANGE!!

So add and multiply it all up and that works out to 792 different options. 

And actually that is understating it because it doesn't include custom options like doing 4 different riser colors or two of two different colors. [For those non-standard options you will need to  https://www.betterdisplaycases.com/pages/contact-us to arrange.]

Think how much better your display case will work for you if you can match it with the decor of the place it will be displayed. Also, your memorabilia will look much better. For instance, if your memorabilia is black, you don't want a black base. Your item would disappear. (Bad for telling its story).

No, you probably want a white base so that your memorabilia stands out, pops, draws attention and thus is better able to tell your story.

Or, if you are a Red Sox fan, you want red risers. Vols fans will want orange. On and on.

We live our lives in color and our display cases should reflect that.

OK, I've blathered on long enough. Please check out the video below to see what I mean. Thank you!!

What Makes Better Display Cases Better

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