Uncle Joe's Wild Card Takeaways: 2020 Season | Presented By: Better Display Cases


  • We need more NFL games on Nickelodeon.
  • Looks like Wednesday wasn’t the only day we saw weak defense & blown coverage in Washington. Taylor Heinicke certainly wasn’t to blame for Washington’s loss.
  • It must be so strange for Patriots fans watching Tom Brady & Gronk in the playoffs but not in a Patriots jersey. Do they root for him? Do they wish he stayed? Or do you take the Jerry Jones approach and only dwell on the happier times? No matter what, there’s no January football in New England. A strange time indeed.
  • It’s only Wild Card weekend and the refs are already blowing calls? Saints fans must be sweating bullets right now if this is the kind of officiating we can expect going into the Divisional Round.
  • Despite John Woolford ending up in the back of an ambulance, the Rams still managed to pull off a win against the Seahawks. I guess Seattle fans finally realized that Russell Wilson can’t carry the entire team.
  • Come on Titans…you managed to figure out Lamar Jackson last year but couldn’t work that same magic this year? You had the opportunity to relegate Lamar Jackson to Cam Newton status and instead the Ravens defense got to dance on your logo.
  • I want to know who the hell these “kids” are who voted for Mitch Trubisky to receive Nickelodeon’s Valuable Player award…I mean, really? I'm just trying to find 11,000 votes for a more deserving player...because the Saints won by a landslide. There's nothing wrong with going back and saying that you've "recalculated". Stop the Steal, Nickelodeon!
  • The refs tried to make the Colts win with that blown call, but Buffalo managed to squeak by. Looks like the only rings Phillip Rivers will be seeing is onion rings.
  • Be sure to check on your friends who are Steelers fans. They are not ok. Seriously though…the Steelers started 11-0 and then get their shit rocked in their first playoff game? 28-0 in the first quarter? Big Ben throwing 4 interceptions? Defense giving up a total of 48 points? All the Steelers players crying on the side lines while the Browns defense dances to “Corvette Corvette” in the locker room? ESPN is going to need a 13-episode TV miniseries just to analyze what the hell happened to the Steelers this season.
  • Alright Browns. You took out Uncle Joe’s favorite team. You better bring that same energy to Arrowhead Stadium because watching Patrick Mahomes lose to the Browns of all teams would be hysterical.

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