Uncle Joe's Football Takeaways: Week Sixteen | Presented By: Better Display Cases
  • In the spirit of Christmas, the Vikings defense gave New Orleans 52 points as a present. How nice of them.

  • Tom Brady demolishes the Detroit Lions 47-7. Matt Patricia might be gone, but his predictable playbook is still in action.


  • Oh man…the Browns losing to the Jets is the most Cleveland Browns thing to happen all year. Glad to see things return to normal in the football world.


  • Steelers finally broke their losing streak against the Colts, and Juju can finally dance again without feeling bad.


  • The fact that the Cowboys playoff hopes are still alive coming out of Week 16 and Washington still leading the division after losing at home to the 5-10 Panthers is a testament to how awful the NFC East really is.


  • The Houston Texans are reeling after their loss to the 2-7-1 Bengals. After JJ Watt made that Emmy-award winning post-game speech, he quietly booked a plane ticket for Pittsburgh so he can play with his brothers.


  • You know the opposing team is screwed when it snows at Lambeau. At least Tennessee still leads the AFC South…emphasis on the SOUTH.


  • Bill Belichick was probably on the phone with Subway marketing team asking why they don’t want him for any more commercials. Well, Billy…you’ve got one more week until you can finally go home and think back on happier times…just like Jerry Jones has been doing for the past 24 years.

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