Uncle Joe's Football Takeaways: Week Seven | Presented by: Better Display Cases
  • Between Sam Darnold "seeing ghosts" last year and Daniel Jones tripping over thin air, it leads me to believe that maybe the New York football franchises really are being haunted by ghosts! It's not like New York had planned on celebrating Halloween this year, being a football fan in New York is scary enough!

  • Washington really had to kill off Andy Dalton to get that W? Really? What did Andy Dalton do to you? Does Daddy Snyder have something against redheads? What did redheads ever do to Daddy Sny...oh...oh my...I'm pretty sure the Washington Post has the answer to that question.
  • All players of the Pittsburgh Steelers are currently rushing out to buy lottery tickets after almost blowing a 20-point lead to the Titans while the fans are still recovering from heart attacks. I mean, would it be a Pittsburgh Steelers season without it being an emotional roller coaster? But hey, who cares? As far as Steelers fans are concerned, a W is a W and now they're the only undefeated team in the NFL.
  • Denver has opted to rename their team the "Denver Bronchitis" after trying to keep up with Kansas City.
  • Larry Fitzgerald will go down as one of the best fantasy football players of all-time who will probably never get to hold up a Lombardi.
  • Oh, Patriots. One year ago you were a playoff team! Now Tommy & Gronk are winning games in sunny Tampa Bay while New England sits in the room right above the AFC East basement gnashing their teeth. It's going to be a cold dark winter in Foxborough...
  • Only the Falcons could invent the game-losing touchdown and let the Lions make a winning drive in the final seconds of the game. Good job, Atlanta!
  • Don't worry about the New York Jets. They all have bright futures in the XFL...on the practice squad! Maybe they'll let Adam Gase hand out Gatorade to the benches!
  • The Seahawks choke in overtime against the Arizona Cardinals! This is probably the most exciting thing to happen in the NFC West division all season...mostly because of how many people wanted to see Russell Wilson finally lose a game this year!
  • I have never seen somebody so happy to sack Nick Foles. Leonard Floyd looked like he just won the keys to Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory!


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