Uncle Joe's Football Takeaways: Week Nine | Presented by: Better Display Cases
  • Oh boy...One week after Tom Brady surpasses Drew Brees for career touchdown passes, he suffers the worst loss of his career! It only took Drew Brees 15 minutes to reclaim the record for himself, while Brady got intercepted three times, and scored zero touchdowns against the Saints. This was the day Bill Belichick had been waiting for, and he couldn't be happier that Brady's no longer wearing a Patriots jersey.


  • Steelers almost lose to the 2-7 Cowboys and their 4th string quarterback? Good grief! With the way they've been giving Steelers fans 4th quarter heart attacks, they'll be lucky to have any fans left when they get to the playoffs! Either that or the Steelers can lose the remaining 8 games of the season to match their record from last year!


  • It was the blood bath in Buffalo as the Seahawks get destroyed by the Bills in a humiliating loss. Russell Wilson produced 4 turnovers and the defense gave up 44 points! 


  • You know it's November when the Chicago Bears offense has gone into hibernation.


  • Looks like the Dolphins might be on their way "Tua" playoff run after beating the Arizona Cardinals. Meanwhile, Ryan Fitzpatrick is texting Jameis Winston on the sidelines asking for more Netflix recommendations.


  • See, Falcons? You're finally learning how to hold onto a lead! Now you're up to 3rd place in the NFC South! If you keep this up, you just might spice things up in the division and snatch 2nd place from the Buccaneers! Watch out, Tom Brady! They're coming for you in December!


  • Of course the Chargers would get their touchdown called back with 0 seconds on the clock and lose the game. They've had the worst luck in the NFL since they moved from San Diego. At least Justin Herbert puts up good fantasy stats and gets to join Larry Fitzgerald in the "League of Somewhat Extraordinary Gentlemen Whose Careers Get Overshadowed By The Terrible Teams They Play For".


  • Sooooo...are we just going to ignore the fact that the Chiefs almost lost to the 3-5 Carolina Panthers? Like, literally one field goal away from an upset victory? Granted it was a ridiculous 65-yard attempt...but still! The thought of the defending Super Bowl champions falling to a terrible team like the Panthers just brings a smile to your face.


  • It was nice to see the Washington Football Team & the New York Giants play a lovely game of hot potato on Sunday. Seriously, that has to be the most ridiculous fumble in NFL history! That football bounced more than Daddy Snyder's checks! As everyone else has already said, we wouldn't expect anything less from the NFC East.

  • The New England Patriots almost losing to the winless Jets was a beautiful way to spend a Monday night. Cam Newton may be celebrating now, but wait until he faces the Ravens next Sunday!

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