Uncle Joe's Conference Championship Takeaways: 2020 Season | Presented By: Better Display Cases

NFC Championship: Tampa Bay vs. Green Bay


  • Congratulations, Green Bay. You sent Tampa Bay home...to play in the in the big game!
  • Who cut the cheese? No, nobody farted...it's just Green Bay's defense totally getting shredded in the first half of the game.
  • Everybody saying Aaron Rodgers is the GOAT is very quiet right now...
  • Matt LaFleur not going for it on 4th down? This guy makes Doug Pederson look like a genius in comparison.
  • Man, who knew that a jersey-pull would send Tom Brady to the big game? Looks like Tampa Bay will be drinking the salty tears of Green Bay fans who blame the refs for losing.
  • Green Bay aren't the only one's crying. Patriots fans are filling Boston harbor with their tears watching Tom Brady & Gronk go to the big game without them.

AFC Championship: Kansas City vs. Buffalo


  • The Chiefs fumbling the punt return and giving Buffalo a free touchdown in the first quarter provided only short-lived hope for Bills fans. Don't you already know? This is a Chiefs game: They do nothing in the first quarter, explode in the 2nd quarter, score a few points in the 3rd and then let their defense carry the 4th quarter and generously let the other team score during garbage time. 
  • We had to wait until the AFC Championship to see the Buffalo Bills return to their prior form. Josh Allen can run, but he can never hide from the Chiefs defense.
  • Whoa whoa whoa, Buffalo! You're supposed to take out your aggression towards folding tables...not the opposing team! Stay in your lane!
  • With a 58% completion rate during this game, you'd never know that Josh Allen was actually named "Most Improved Player" by the Pro Football Writer's Association. I'm sure whatever trophy he gets for that will go in a museum right next to Mitch Trubisky's "NVP" award.
  • Soooo....when do we tell Andy Reid that he's probably not getting another fast food buffet at the White House?
  • Oh boy...the Patrick Mahomes dynasty is upon us. If he keeps this up, he's going to need sew some extra fingers to his hand in order to hold the number of rings he's going to get.



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