Uncle Joe's Big Game Takeaways: 2020 Season | Presented by: Better Display Cases
  • I see that the same special effects artists that created the Polar Express also tried to bring Vince Lombardi back to the life as a hologram. Creepy.
  • Special thanks to Jazmine Sullivan for saving the National Anthem from Eric Church
  • Patrick Mahomes having to get first downs because his offense can't? Oh boy…
  • Tom Brady & Gronk getting a touchdown in another big game? Sure Patriots fans love to see it, but are secretly crying on the inside for the happy days in the rear view mirror.
  • Tommy Townsend getting big game jitters while punting for only will forever haunt the Kansas City Chiefs. 27 yards & 29 yards? Dropping the snap? They should’ve had him present the Lombardi to Tom Brady.
  • I feel bad for Andy Reid. He had to watch his hopes for another fast food buffet at the White House slip away with each penalty against his defense.
  • Patrick Mahomes being held to 2 field goals in the first half?!!! WHAT IS THIS GAME???
  • Oh hey the Nickelodeon Slime Zone makes a return during the halftime report! Maybe Patrick Mahomes will come home with an “NVP” award.
  • The Weeknd navigating the hallway of lights disoriented is perfectly sums up Patrick Mahomes under pressure
  • So I guess we can say that the only two players for Kansas City who will still have a job next season are Patrick Mahomes & Harrison Butker. Everybody else? Ehhh…
  • Buffalo fans have never been happier watching Kansas City’s defense get steamrolled on the big stage.
  • Are you sure this is the same Kansas City team we saw 2 weeks ago? I’m thoroughly convinced that the Cowboys secretly replaced them before walking out onto the field.
  • It’s the first time that Patrick Mahomes has been held to zero touchdowns & lost by double digits in his entire NFL career. You bet your ass that every defensive coordinator in the NFL is going to be studying this game film!
  • Kansas City just became the Green Bay of the AFC…always making it to the Conference Championship but never winning a Lombardi. Soon, Patrick Mahomes fans will be standing shoulder to shoulder with Aaron Rodgers fans claiming that their quarterback is somehow the true GOAT…and we will laugh at them.
  • That streaker did more running than the Chiefs secondary did all night!
  • The Chiefs final drive of the game ends with a Patrick Mahomes interception???!!!! THIS IS THE BEST GAME EVER!
  • If you told me 2 weeks ago that Patrick Mahomes would go to the big game with Zero Touchdowns, 2 Interceptions, and have a completion rate of 52.3%, I would’ve called you crazy!
  • The MVP from this game is unquestionably Todd Bowles.
  • Congratulations to Tom Brady on his 7th ring and the best of luck to the social media team for the New England Patriots on finding new jobs!

Welp, there it is! The season finale of Uncle Joe’s Football Takeaways. I started the season by saying Tom Brady should’ve retired and now I’m congratulating him on his 7th ring. As William Shatner once said: “I guess irony can be pretty ironic sometimes”. We hope y'all enjoyed this blog series and don’t forget to check out the football collection from Better Display Cases before you go. So long!




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