It's Election Day!

Election day is upon us. Years and years of advertising, campaigning and debates has finally culminated to this very day. The day the American people decide who will be the most powerful person in the world. Or in short, the most stressful recurring occasion. Everyone stresses over wanting their candidate to win, wanting them to be successful, what if their candidate loses...So, because of that, let's take a moment to relax and think about something relevant to the election that won't raise everyone's blood pressure.

We received a number of photos from a customer from Roberto Perez, showing us how he is using one of our Acrylic Book Display Cases. This particular book display case measures 20 inches Long, 14 inches Deep, 6 inches High...the dimensions necessary to hold his LEGO build of the White house. See, relevant to the election.

As seen in the image above, the this build is an accurate creation of the White House exterior. Now, while the images he sent focus on the side that faces out to the South lawn, in the faint reflection on the acrylic, you can see the other side of the White House.

We are always amazed by the wonderful things people create in LEGO and are excited to see when they choose to display their creations in one of our display cases. This particular case has a clear acrylic top that will not obstruct any view of the build inside. The white double sheet pairs nicely with the green of the bricks that simulate the South lawn, as well as plays with the whole "white house" aesthetic. 

We get a lot of customer photos showing how they display their builds.

This election day, don't spend the whole day checking in to see the results, not that we are saying don't care about the results...but at least take a minute to take a look at these images and maybe even take a look at the display case. Let us help you display your story, even if its made of bricks for ages 4-99.


p.s. if you enjoyed this blog, be on the lookout for an upcoming blog concerning why you should put LEGOs in a display case.



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