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(and commentary on the US Women’s Soccer team and ballet)

I realized a day or two ago I have been covering the big events of late spring and early summer: NHL playoffs, NBA playoffs, the start of the baseball season, the Kentucky Derby, etc., but I've been neglecting another sport: Football. No, not American football where real big men crash into each other and fight it out at the line of scrimmage, or a running back smashes into the defense to gain an extra yard or two, or a quarterback lets himself get slammed into the ground to get off that 50+ yard touchdown pass. No, I'm talking about that other version of football called soccer here in the states.

[Okay, maybe I'm a little prejudiced against soccer. Probably has to do with all that running up and down the field. I hate running, always have. I hated having to run when I was in the Air Force. And while it's bad enough to run outside, why would anyone run on a treadmill? The scenery never changes! At least if you're a sled dog you're getting fresh air even if the scenery doesn't change.]

Watching people run up and down a grassy field is something I find boring. I will admit that it is better than watching a bunch of people dancing on their tiptoes. This is DEFINITELY worse. (At least soccer has hooligans; I mean nobody has ever heard of Ballet Hooligans.)

[My wife and mother-in-law dragged me and my father-in-law to the Nutcracker the first year we were married. I at least did better than my father-in-law; I didn't get elbowed for snoring when I fell asleep. I don't think I've EVER been to a ballet when I haven't fallen asleep. At least I've always been awake when my daughter danced in the Nutcracker with the Moscow Ballet.]

The USA Women's Team is over in Europe right now, defending their World Cup title. Only three teams have pulled off the repeat: the men have done it twice, Italy in 1934 and 1938 and Brazil in 1958 and 1962, and the women have done it once, Germany in 2003 and 2007. And only one team, the West German men, have made it to three finals in a row (they lost the first two in 1982 and 1986, but won in 1990). While they won't be setting a new record when they win the World Cup, they will be in elite company. The USUS flag just needs to defeat EnglandUK flag once again, and they're in the finals!

Soccer Ball Display Case with Turf Floor

And to celebrate their historic accomplishment(s) you're going to have items that need to be displayed. Our A007 case (seen above with the dimensions of the case) has a single layer of turf that the acrylic case fits around. This case only comes in the turf version and includes a clear acrylic ring that is almost completely hidden from view for the ball to rest on. The turf makes the ball look like it's lying on field just waiting for someone to come along and get it moving downfield. It gives the ball a sense of motion. And the mirrored back allows you to see ALL the signatures on the ball.

Soccer Ball Display Case with Turf Base and Risers Soccer Ball Display Case with Black Base and Risers

Then there is our A027 case, pictured on the left with mirror, the turf base, and wall mount. As you can see in this photo, the right colored risers help accent the ball and make it stand out in the case. The ball in the A007 picture would look great in this case with either of our two new color risers, pink or yellow. The black acrylic version, seen on the right, will give your display a very elegant look if you're looking for something other than the turf; the clear case is great if the display is going to sit on a desk and the case will be seen from all angles.. In the near future we will be getting the clear version of the base back in stock and we will soon be carrying a white acrylic base. All three of these versions can be matched with any of our eleven riser colors so you can personalize your display. You can even request a mix of colors for your risers. We recently filled an order for a pride event and they got their turf bases with one purple, one red, one orange, and one yellow riser. They had unique cases for their event.

Mini Soccer Ball Display Case with Turf Base

We also have a case for your miniature soccer ball, the A015. By the middle of July, it will be available it will be available with double turf, black, white, and clear acrylic bases with all the riser colors available as well as the single turf option (pictured). This is a perfect way to display that mini-soccer ball celebrating the US Women's World Cup Repeat!

We also have clear acrylic floating shelves for both the mini-soccer ball (A035) and the full-sized soccer ball (A036). These can be used to display your kid's ball or to hold it between games so it doesn't get buried beneath a pile of dirty laundry and doesn't get discovered until six months later when you finally get around to cleaning their room because they don't. Think of the money you can save by not having to buy a new ball every few months!

The last cases we offer our soccer fans are for cleats. There is the A013 for a single cleat and the A026 and A082 which will hold a pair of cleats. The A013 is available in both the turf and acrylic and has risers. The A026 comes in turf or acrylic, but as single sheets without the risers. We were getting request for a wall mount version of the A026, so we created the A082 which has bases with the risers and has a wall mount option.

Clear cleat display case with turf and orange risers
A013 clear with turf and orange risers
Clear cleats display case with turf base
A026 clear with turf
Cleat display case with mirror, turf base and orange risers
A082 mirrored with turf and orange risers

All three of these cases also come with a wood floor, which would look great with your pointe shoes if you were looking to display those. Who knew there were cases to display your dance shoes? Only here at Better Display Cases!

Keeping an eye out for those ballet hooligans,



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