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Chiefs vs 49ers!
We are unique because we offer many different color bases and metal risers. So, you can always match your team's colors. Yes we have black, red, white and gold which can all be used for the 49ers.


Kansas City Chiefs Custom Football Display Case - Better Display Cases


Just click the above image if you want to see our football display cases.

Super Bowl

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Full Size Football Helmet Display Case

I don't have an image for a 49ers helmet. But the one above shows black risers and a turf base. Not a bad choice. We also have red, white, or gold risers. In fact 12 different colors to choose from. Also, you could select a clear base or black or white or turf.

Here's a link to our football helmet display cases. You can also choose an all clear case (as pictured above) or one with a mirror back or even one with a mirror back and wall mount. If you scroll down to the reviews on this page, there is a video a customer submitted of his 49ers helmet (and other memorabilia) in one of our cases. Check it out!



My Prediction: I have no idea.
Except if Travis Kelce has a good game the Chiefs will win.


Taylor Swift Memorabilia Display Case and Drop Box

New "Taylor Swift Dropbox / Display Case"

Speaking of Travis Kelce ... If you know any Taylor Swift fans (and who doesn't) -- heres a great gift for them. They can put all their Taylor Swift merch -- bracelets, confetti, whatever in the box. You can see the 4 little magnets on the back. The back is clear acrylic but there's a separate black acrylic piece that also has magnets and can attach. So, pictures, tickets, set list, etc can all be placed there and easily displayed. The top is open.

All that stuff you see belongs to my daughter who came up with this idea. So, be nice. She LOVES Taylor Swift.

Oh, here's a link to where you can purchase it:



And if you have a magazine you want to display, Taylor Swift or otherwise, you can purchase this magazine display case and of course put other memorabilia in it as well.




That's it for this newsletter. Thanks for reading and supporting our business. Enjoy the big game. If you ever have any questions, feel free to contact us right here:




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Order Now for Super Bowl Sunday Delivery

Order Now for Super Bowl Sunday Delivery

Footballrobert mccluskey

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