November 2019 Update From Better Display Cases

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Clear wall mounted floating shelf - A083

This will be short and sweet!

We are entering the busy holiday season and want to encourage our customers to beat the rush -- and save money by purchasing your display case or wall mount gifts now.

By doing this, several good things will happen:

  1. You will ensure the product you want is in stock.
  2. You will get a jump on your holiday shopping.
  3. If (heaven forbid) your item is damaged in shipping, we will have plenty of time to send a replacement.
  4. You will save money.

Doll, Bobblehead, Action Figure or Collectible Toy Figurine Display Case

How will you save money you ask?

Simple. Enter this coupon code when you check out to receive 10% off your entire purchase. There are no restrictions or limitations on this discount

Except one. It expires on November 15. And we will not be running any other discount programs after this until 2020.

So, please don't delay. Make your purchase today by visiting us at:


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