Father's Day is June 21st...Are you prepared?

When I think of my father, I think of the monthly trips to play putt-putt at a local mini golf course. I'd take the blue ball, my brother took red, and my dad would take yellow. My brother and I would try to compete with each other but my father would always beat us and hit that shot that was "impossible" by our young standards. My brother and I would split nachos and spend $5 each on the arcade. We always had a good time.

Unfortunately, I can't remember the little things after 25+ years. I don't remember when we first started playing mini golf, I don't have any pictures of us playing, and I don't even have a scorecard...

Actually, I did have a scorecard. When moving to a new house, I had some scorecards that I had saved in a nightstand next to my bed. With the goal of not hauling what I thought was junk to a new home, they were thrown away. It's a shame because after joining the Better Display Cases team I found what could have been the perfect display case for my scorecards.

I could have used our Triple Golf Ball Case with a red, blue, and yellow golf ball and placed my scorecards on the back using the magnetic removable black back. It would have been perfect in my living room on my bookcase in my living room. But I was a kid, I didn't know what I was throwing away. Now I know how important it is to treasure my memories before they are lost.

Father's Day is quickly approaching and there's not much time to get dad the perfect gift. This year we've created some starter packs to help dad create the ultimate man cave:


For the football fanatic in your life, we've got a special offer to help dad kickstart his ultimate man cave. When you purchase one of our Football Helmet Display Cases, get one of our Football Display Cases for 30% off! Just use promo code FBSTART30 at checkout.

For Football Display Cases choose from our horizontal, vertical, and mini football display cases. Choose any clear, mirrored, or mirred wall mount case, any base option, and any riser color. Feel free to mix and match!


We've got a home run deal for any dad that has a cap with a story. We want to take that hat out of retirement, remove it from the closet, and into a display case to protect it for years to come. When you buy our Baseball Cap Display Case, get any Baseball or Softball case for 40% off! Just use BBSTART40 at checkout.

Again, you're not limited to what you see, this deal works for clear, mirrored, and wall mount cases, black, white, clear, and turf bases, and any riser color.

Finally, we have a special deal for anyone who enjoyed my opening story about my father and golf. Purchase our Golf Ball Display Case with Magnetic Back and get any Golf Club Wall Mount for 50% off! Just use promo code GBSTART50 at checkout.

For wall mount options you can choose from our vertical, horizontal, or even our horizontal with golf ball holder.

If dad isn't into any of these hobbies, we still have some savings for you. DAD10 saves you 10% off your entire order but coupon codes CANNOT be combined. Dad might let you double dip but we won't 😉

We're also launching Better Display Cases Gift Cards! If you know Dad would like any of these deals but can't read his mind on what he'd like, a gift card is a great way to give him the gift he REALLY wants. You can click here to visit our gift card page.

Father's Day is June 21st and supplies are limited, so shop now and help dad create the ultimate man cave!



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