Display Cases for Star Trek Memorabilia

One of the great things about the display case business is the amazing customers we get to meet. They are almost always people who are passionate about something and own interesting artifacts or memorabilia they want to protect and display. And, we LOVE to hear the stories about the things our display cases are used for.

Sometimes we go "wow!" Shawn W. is a good example of a customer that made us go "wow!" Shawn contacted us because he liked the size of our mini-football display case. But, he didn’t want the hole in the platform we have for the ball. So, we were able to simply swap out the platform with a hole for ones without holes and voila - perfect for displaying many of his Start Trek collectibles.

Check out his amazing Star Trek memorabilia.

Here Shawn has stacked 4 of our cases together. Top left is a Tricorder seen in Star Trek Voyager. This is a prop that was made by Starfleet Surplus (Shawn’s prop company ). Top right is a dermal Regenerator prop from Star Trek deep space 9. Bottom left is an otoscope from Star Trek deep space 9 (medical device) to the right of that is a ODN scanner from Star Trek deep space 9. Shawn says: "these were used to kinda fix things on the ship."

This is a Roddenberry science tricorder, this was a ltd run and is made from all metal. These tricorders were seen on all of the trek shows starting on Star TrekVoyagerand seen In all of the movies. The one that is closed in the same box is a medical tricorder from the movie Star Trek: First Contact. The long blue looking thing is called a hypospray and was seen in StarTrek Voyager.

Star Trek the next generation laser scalpel.

Some of Shawn’s props are replica and some are screen used. You can check them all out at https://www.facebook.com/starfleetsurplus/. If you love Star Trek (and really who doesn’t?) - definitely check out his Facebook page.

And, if you need a display case to protect and display any of your Star Trek models or other memorabilia - give us a call. We'd love to help tell the story of the awesome things you have.


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