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I find myself rushing in life. Whether it's the commute on I-95, a trip to the grocery store, or even a meal I find myself looking ahead for my next task in life with no break in between. And while this rushing might pay the bills, I find no joy in this modern lifestyle. Whenever I get the chance, I try to focus less on charging my phone battery and recharge my own battery by hiking. Connecting with Mother Nature instead of connecting to the internet. Watching the birds instead of Netflix. Stopping at a creek to soak my feet instead of stopping for traffic. I feel refreshed and recharged after hiking gets me back in the zone creatively after being trapped inside four walls and a roof every day. And we recently received an email from Maura who wanted to display her deep creativity.

Maura is an award winning Seattle-based photographer, videographer, and sculptor whose art is deeply rooted in the traditional lands of the Coastal Salish and Duwamish people. All of her sculptures are made of found natural objects: seaweed, branches, bones, leaves, and anything that can be found in nature. She came to Better Display Cases looking for a way to showcase her most recent artistic endeavor that she calls "scapula sticks".

MeFree Art sculpture display case

Our A086 Display Case ended up being the perfect case to share her sculpture stand out (and protect them from the family cat)!

I love the literal scapula being featured on top of the sticks! The brightness from the sand brings the bones back to life with their vibrant colors. They make me think of miniature totem poles that honor the creatures that helped create these pieces.

You can find more of Maura's works on her website at and follow her Instagram at @mefree753.  Have YOU found a new use for any of our products? Share your story with us at



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