Converse, Comic Books, and Closet Space

The way the cost of sneakers [why don't we call them tennis shoes anymore? Anyone for tennis shoes?] has increased in the last several decades is something I never really understood. Then again, I'm a guy who remembers when a new pair of Converse sneakers were $5.00; and the high tops were only about a buck more. And I remember as a kid [and I have to wonder if kids today know this], you could ALWAYS run faster in a new pair of sneakers. But with the arrival of Air Jordan's and the ensuing competition, the price of Converse sneakers went up. My understanding was that nobody was buying Converse sneakers when they were priced so much less; people thought they couldn't be very good shoes at that price. Converse had to raise prices in order to increase sales [tell me that isn't bass-ackwards!]

But after a little thought I can relate to collecting basketball sneakers; after all I collected comics for decades [The comics were cheaper. Or maybe not. I bought waaaay to many comics every month. Okay, no more casting stones at the folks who collect sneakers]. While we don't offer anyway to display comics, we do offer ways to display shoes.

Basketball Shoe Display Case

Today I'm going to focus on our A013 case, specifically the mirrored wall mount version. The mirror is an excellent choice for shoes as it will let you see both sides of the shoe, and with sneakers coming out today being works of art, that's a plus. And the mirrored back hides the screws that hold the wall mount in place. Finding room for even a small collection of shoes [Does any woman have a big enough walk-in closet?] can be daunting and the wall mount is invaluable for ensuring you can display your collection. No more having your shoes take up space on your desk or using up precious bookshelf space. Or worse yet, having to keep those sneakers buried in a box in some dark, musty corner of a closet.

Plus, with eleven different colors of risers, you are sure to find one to go with your sneakers! The clear bases for this case are due in shortly AND it will be the first model available with the CLEAR WALL MOUNT!!

Remember, we want to help you Display Your Story!




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