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We're in the middle of basketball season and soon we'll have the Madness upon us. And after Cinderella goes to The Dance, it'll be NBA playoff time. Plus, there's high school and rec seasons that are playing right now but will be coming to a conclusion in the next few months. So it is time to start thinking how you want to display your memories and support.

In choosing a basketball case display, the first thing to consider (obviously) is what you are displaying. For basketball fans, there are four things that we have cases or floating shelves for basketballs, sneakers, mini-basketballs, and caps. You need to think about where the case is going. Is there room for the case on your desk or tabletop for the case or does it need to go on a wall? Do you already have shelves that you can put the case on, or do you need a wall mount? Is the item one that you want to protect or is it something that you want to handle on occasion? Or are you tired of looking for your ball when you want to play Horse or some pickup ball and need a place to keep your ball so you always know where it is at?

Our slogan is "We want to help you display your story", and we at Better Display Cases offer a multitude of options for you to display your basketball story in the way YOU want. People occasionally ask what makes our case better; these customer reviews sums it up pretty well.

Great display.
I already had one display case for a basketball from the Lynx during their first championship season and I couldn't match it for other basketball items I wanted to show. This one works alongside the other. Nice quality. Fast shipping. Great communication.

Wonderful experience with Better Display
Wonderful experience with Better Display Cases!!! I would definitely recommend this company!! Excellent customer service!!

The first choice you have for most of our cases is whether to go with the clear or mirrored versions of the case as you can see with our A015 case for mini (NOT full-sized) basketball case.

Mini-miniature (NOT full-size) basketball clear display case:

Mini-miniature (NOT full-size) basketball mirrored display case:

Mirrored cases are the definite choice if you have signatures or images encircling the item; otherwise, it is a personal choice as to which you prefer. This case also comes with the base and risers options presented in the A001 discussion below. This is a popular case for presentations as seen in the customer comments below.

MINI - Miniature (not full size) Basketball Clear Display Case
Quick delivery and Looks great!

The next option is where we at Better Display Cases start to separate ourselves from the competition. For shoes and full-sized balls our bases come in simulated wood or black, white, or clear acrylic bases, options not available with other companies.

We have two different cases for full-sized basketballs, the A001 and the A008. Both come in clear or mirrored versions. Our A008 (seen below) has just the simulated wood floor and comes with a clear acrylic ring to hold the ball in place; it is minimalistic in its appearance which tends to accent the ball. I've always liked this version as I believe the wood adds something to the overall feel and appearance of the ball. It does make the display a little less formal in appearance than the black acrylic so there is a bit of a tradeoff. Our simulated wood is not a cheap cardboard cutout, but a wood veneer over acrylic that will last for years.

Deluxe Clear Acrylic Basketball Display Case with Simulated Wood Floor (A008-WB)

The black acrylic is a more common bottom, so if you have other sports memorabilia that you're displaying you can have a consistent look to your entire display. I'm partial to the synthetic wood with any of the basketball items as it brings to mind the court floor and reinforces the basketball theme. And if you're only displaying basketball related items, you still have a consistent theme.

The A001 is where we show off what no other display case company offers: COLORED RISERS! We offer a selection of nine different colors: gold, silver, black, red, white, orange, blue, purple, and green. (These colors are available with any case that has risers.) The A001 has the black acrylic base with the risers and can be seen using the link with either of the reviews below. (You can see how the various colors might work using the drop-down menu under riser color.)

Perfect! Not a single flaw in it's construction or appearance. My signed basketball looks amazing in it!!

Coming Through at the Last Minute
Excellent. Couldn’t find a quality basketball display case anywhere locally: all had to be ordered with two-week wait time. Better Display Cases had the item in stock and got it to the school for their awards ceremony in three days!!!

The black risers are nice if you don't want to "see" the risers as the black blends in with the acrylic. The other colors may be your preference depending on your team—purple for the Lakers, blue for NC State, etc.-or if it's recognizing your high school accomplishments, your school color would be a great option. If you have souvenir ball like one seen here

you might want to go with the silver or blue risers. If it's a championship ball, the gold risers are a nice way to emphasize that accomplishment.

The other advantage of the A001 is that you have the option of getting it with the wall mount. This comes only in the mirrored version so that the screws holding the wall mount are hidden from view.

Due to request for a risers with the simulated wood and a wall mounted version of the simulated wood floor, we have added that option to this case. This is where I think the orange risers are particularly nice.

Full Size Basketball Mirrored Display Case with Wall Mount and Wood Floor

I just put my wall mount basketball display case and all I can say is "I LOVE IT"!!. Very easy to install and it looks great in my sports room/man cave. I can't wait to all my family and friends. When asked where I got it, you know darn well I'm going to say Better Display Thank you for a beautiful and well designed product. Randy Kahl, Sun Prairie, WI.

Basketball shoes are very popular if our Instagram account is any indication. There are three options for shoes: A013, A025, and A082. All three have the clear or mirror option.

The A013 is designed for a single shoe.

It comes in the black acrylic or simulated wood with risers and has a wall mount option.

If you're looking to display a pair of shoes, we have the A025 and the A082. The A025 comes with the simulated wood floor and is a tabletop case. It does not come with a wall mount option. It is minimalist in its appearance like the A008 for the basketball and it matches nicely with that case.

my husband collects three things watches, video games and shoes. I got him a limited-edition pair of sneakers and have this beautiful case to show them off!! good quality and fast shipping.

And to see an updated photo (the Man Cave is coming together!):

And we have additional reviews:

Amazing service and product


Amazing service and product.
Shipping was quick, but the mirror was cracked during shipping. I sent them a message and they responded and shipped a replacement out the next day without having me to send the broken one back. Amazing service, first company to actually replace a product for me without needing the original sent back. Will do business again when I'm in need of another display case.

Orlando Leon
Now I can look at them anytime I want!

Acrylic basketball shoe display case with wood floor with mirror

The A082 came about because we were getting request for a wall mount version of the A025 with the simulated wood. The wall mount requires risers to keep the case secure and prevent the case from sliding off the wall mount; thus it has the added bonus of having risers with the wood. This case will hold a pair of shoes, comes in all nine riser colors and can be either a table top or wall mounted case.

A customer called and inquired about a basketball hat display case. Our A006 was designed for baseball hats and while it comes in the black acrylic, the turf version is much more popular.

Baseball Cap Display Case Clear or Mirror with Turf Bottom (A006-TB)

However, turf doesn't work for basketball hats. We added the simulated wood bottom and now we had a case specifically for basketball hats.

Deluxe Clear Acrylic Basketball Hat or Cap Display Case with Risers and Wood Base (A006)

In addition to our cases, we have floating shelves available for both the mini-basketball and the full-sized basketball. These shelves are made of clear acrylic that make the ball appear to be floating in the wall. It's an excellent way to display an item without the display method overpowering your memorabilia.

This is an excellent purchase for those of you who regularly go out to shoot hoops; hang the shelf near the door or where you keep your sports equipment; 1) you'll always know where your ball is, and 2) you can just grab it on your way out the door. No more wondering where your ball is at or having to spend five minutes scrambling around the garage because your wife or girlfriend "accidentally" kicked into the corner of the garage. Or if you have kids who play, hang it by their bedroom door so that they (and you) know where their ball is and you keeps you from having to listen to them whine about not being able to find their ball for ten minutes. It also helps keep the room clean (or at least keep the ball from getting buried under their dirty laundry).


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