Vermeer Terrain Leveler and Model Truck Display

Are you a collector of model trucks and equipment? If you are one of the thousands who do so, you might need a case to help preserve your models to ensure that they last the turn of time. Take advice from one of our customers who purchased a Better Display Case for his models.

Vermeer Terrain Leveler and Model Truck Display

Displayed in his case is a 1/50th scale model of a Vermeer Terrain Leveler and the accompanying truck which would transport it. Our customer used to work for the company so he decided to get a model for memories sake. The slide back case that is on display above can be purchased with a black, white, clear, or mirror back (as seen above) depending on what you want to display. Now he could have purchased a display case from a number of places on the internet, but he chose Better Display Cases and I'll tell you why.

We manufacture and design our own cases. They are made from high-quality, clear acrylic that is durable and will keep your model trucks protected as you pass your collectibles down from generation to generation.

So if you have a model truck sitting around at home that you want to display, let Better Display Cases help you make your collectibles look great!

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