Our Mistake = A Great New Display Case

We've Got a New Product -- by Mistake!

Figured I'd send out a quick email to let you know that we have a new product in stock. And you may be interested in the story of how it came to be.

So, typically there are three ways new products happen:

1. Great Customer Idea (like different color risers or base for instance) https://www.betterdisplaycases.com/pages/choosing-colors

2. Great research (like when we figured out that the ability to hang the case or item on the wall is super important to many customers) https://www.betterdisplaycases.com/collections/wall-mounts

3. Mistakes!  Yes, just like everyone, we make mistakes from time to time. Sometimes that results in creating something we didn't intend to create. Fortunately, usually we find that there is a need for the mistaken product.

This is how products like our clear wall mounts and clear back book cases happened.

Earlier this month we ran out of our large A014 clear fireman's helmet case. So, we asked our supplier in Virginia to make some. We sent them the base so they would have the dimensions. A few weeks later I picked them up and I lined up the base with the case and thought all was well.

You probably have guessed where this is going... When we tried to fulfill the first order, low and behold, we realized it was the wrong size. We'd sent the A024 motorcycle helmet base (16" x 13") instead of the firefighter helmet base (18" x 14"). So now we had spent thousands of dollars on a case we don't sell. It's the length and width of the A024 but the height (12") of the A014.

I have always said that any size case can be made and eventually someone will buy it. This was quickly proven true when last Tuesday I was talking to a customer and mentioned this new "mistake" size we have and he said he'd take 2. Ha, maybe we'll make it a regular product! 

Anyway, you can see a picture of it below. That's the raw image we took as we haven't even had time to fix the image up digitally or create a listing for it. It can also come with a white base or any of the riser bases you can see here https://www.betterdisplaycases.com/products/acrylic-motorcycle-nascar-or-motocross-racing-helmet-display-case-clear-new?variant=39371496751257

It actually is sized better for the motorcycle helmet, than the regular sized case -- if you use the flat base without risers and platform. That 2" less height is better actually in that instance. And, of course there are a million other things that can fit in a large case like that.

Clear fireman's helmet display case

Anyway, if you want one, please contact us to arrange it. We're selling them, for now, at 25% off the regular A024 price ($127.50 including shipping and insurance). Anyway, if you want one, please see 16" x 13" x 12".

Well, that's a wrap for this newsletter. Our monthly coupon code is at the top of the page so please feel free to use it. As always, thank you for your support!


God Bless Ukraine and God Bless America!


God Bless Ukraine and God Bless America!

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