Looking for a specific size or dimension for your display case and don't know where to start? Here's our catalog of every display case sorted by size! 

We offer over 7,000 different possible customizable variations depending on the following factors (not all of them are offered for every case size):

- Mirror or Clear back on the case 

- Base options which are Black, White, Turf, Wood, Clear or Mirror 

- Riser options which include 12 different colors:  Gold, Silver, Black, White, Red, Orange, Navy BlueLight Blue, Pink, Yellow, Green, and Purple ... or the option to have a base with no risers.

On this page you can select the size you want and from there choose the other options to help you display your story.

Please note the dimensions listed here are exterior case dimensions.  The product page will provide the interior dimensions so you can measure your item and be sure it will fit within the interior dimensions.  Also IF your case comes with risers then it will have a platform (which reduces interior usable height) and the 4 caps that screw onto the riser bolt are located roughly 3" from the sides of the case.  So, please consider that as well.   Click on link below to see the image of product.  We list dimensions by  L (length) x D (depth) x H (height).

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  • 4.875"L x 4.875"D x 18.5"H (A021)
  • 5.5"L x 5.5"D x 9.5"H (A016)
  • 5.5"L x 5.5"D x 13.25"H (A017)
  • 6"L x 3.25"D x 8"H (A126)
  • 6"L x 6"D x 15"H (A078)
  • 6"L x 6"D x 24"H (A086)
  • 7"L x 7"D x 18"H (A102)
  • 8"L x 6"D x 14"H (A092)
  • 8"L x 8"D x 20"H (A085)
  • 8.5"L x 0.5"D x 12"H (A134)
  • 9"L x 1"D x 9"H (A117)
  • 10.5"L x 10.5"D x 14.5"H (A087)
  • 14"L x 6"D x 14"H (A124)
  • 14"L x 7"D x 16"H (A122)
  • 15"L x 6"D x 12"H (A120)
  • 20"L x 3"D x 10"H (A123)
  • 20"L x 4"D x 18"H (A123A)