We now have clearance display cases priced at up to 75% below our normal price!

These cases have small scratches or other imperfections that prevent us from selling them as new but are still in good/usable condition. For the most part, the imperfections are such that they are not noticeable unless someone looks closely for them. None of the cases are cracked or chipped. Here are pictures of a couple of them to show you approximately the kind of issues they have.

Clearance Items Sample Clearance Items Sample

Here's what that "defective" case looks like in it's entirety. As you can see, the defects are hardly noticeable.

clearance items


Please use the contact form below to inquire about the availability of the case that you are looking for. Please include the dimensions of the object of your display, the model number (A0XX), or the approximate size case that you are looking for. We will get back to you on availability of your request within one business day.

If you pick the case up at our warehouse, the price is 75% off our regular price.  If we ship the case to you, then the price is 50% off.  We cannot send you pictures showing the case you are interested because the defect will normally not show up in the picture.  Due to the very low price, if you decide to return the case for a refund you will be responsible for return shipping costs and our initial shipping costs (deducted from the refund).   

Also, we have a few FATHEAD's that are also clearance priced and we sell on Amazon.  So, you can find them at this link CLEARANCE FATHEADS