Why do we use acrylic for our display cases instead of glass?  Here are the reasons: 


1.   Acrylic is clearer than glass.  Glass actually has a green tint to it and that will slightly distort the view.  Our acrylic is truly clear; much better for displaying things.  


2.  Acrylic is safer than glass.  Glass is far more likely than acrylic to shatter.  If you drop an acrylic display case the worst thing that will happen is it'll crack.  It almost certainly won't shatter.  And shattering glass can damage the item in the display case and anybody nearby.  


3.  Acrylic is stronger than glass.  Actually, #2 above sums this up pretty well. 


4.  Acrylic is lighter than glass.  This makes it easier and cheaper for us to ship.  It also is less likely to break if dropped in shipping.  Finally, less weight may be good for you as well if you are placing the display case anywhere that weight could be an issue.  This especially comes into play with wall mount display cases.  


5.  Acrylic is easier to shape and mold.  This allows us to be more creative with the products we can offer. 


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