Price Increase Coming

You may have heard that the prices of raw materials and transportation have been rising over the past year or so. I can certainly vouch for that in the acrylic display case business. If we want to stay in business, we have no choice but to increase our prices.

If you've looked for our products on other channels like Ebay and Etsy then you have already seen our price increase of 30% -- there.

We also stopped selling on Amazon due to the increasing costs of selling there. We do plan to retun to Amazon. However, when we do, our prices will increase on Amazon will be 50%.

So far we have managed to avoid any recent price increases to the customers here on our own website -- However, we can't do that forever. So, prices will be increasing here by 10% on August 10th.

The good news is you still have ten days left before the price increase. And, even after that, pricing on this website will still (and always) be much less than our prices on other channels. And we also will continue to offer coupon codes from time to time.

Thank you for your support and we hope these changes will allow us to continue to grow and provide the innovative quality products you have come to expect.

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