2022 Inventory and Pricing Update

Happy New Year!!

This will be a short and quick newsletter. I hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Years. Can't believe it's already mid-January -- 2022!

I picked a football themed picture a customer sent in since we are into NFL playoff season now.

Anyway, I wanted to get out information to our best customers -- you guys who are on our newsletter list -- about our inventory and pricing situation. I won't whine about the increasing costs of getting our products since that does no good. But, suffice it to say, we are in challenging times. Let's hope and pray things improve in 2022.

We are fortunate at the moment to have almost all of our products in stock. However, we are thin on most things. So, if you have been thinking about ordering something, you should go ahead and do it before it runs out of stock.

2022 Inventory and Pricing Update

The only major display case out of stock is our full size football helmet case. But, I'm having some made in Virginia and hope to pick them up next week. So, the clear versions should be back in stock in 7-10 days or so. The mirror version will arrive in mid February. 

As for pricing, we have had to raise our prices another 10%. Note that our website is still cheaper than buying our cases anywhere else. Additionally, if you are reading this, then you can avoid that price increase and get even a further discount by using the terrific monthly coupon code above (for 15% off). That's the biggest monthly coupon code I think we've ever offered. So, please take advantage of it! 

As always, thank you so much for your support of our business. We wouldn't be here without you!


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