National Hat Day Is January 15th

National Hat Day

National Hat Day is an annual holiday celebrated each year on January 15th primarily in the United States. Most people observe this holiday by wearing their favorite hat, while others commemorate the holiday by wearing the silliest or most outrageous hat they can find. Although largely for fun, many companies observe this holiday on their social media channels as a way to promote their products or generate brand awareness.

For example, Better Display Cases observes National Hat Day to promote their snapback hat display cases. Their high-quality crystal clear display cases are perfect for protecting your favorite hats from dust, dirt, and damage, which is especially important if your hat is autographed. You can choose between a clear case, or a case with a mirror back with your choice of black, white, wood, or turf bases for your hat to be displayed on. You can also choose between a dozen different riser colors to match the color of your hat and make your hat display case unique. Your hat will look so good in a display case, you'll never want to hang it on your bed knob again!





Better Display Cases offers a wide range of display cases to help your headpieces stand out!


We also offer larger display cases for other forms of headgear, such as football helmet display cases, fire helmet display cases, racing helmet display cases, and much much more! So no matter what you wear on your head, Better Display Cases offers a wide range of display cases to help your headpieces stand out!