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In this video you'll hear the voice of our fantastic image creator and videographer extraordinaire. He'll talk about versatile display cases. If you can't see the video; here is a transcript of it.

Your heirlooms, mementos, and collectibles play an import role in your life. Old toys that bring back fond memories of your childhood, heirlooms passed down from generations, a family bible, a sports item signed by your favorite athlete, collectible and iconic novelty items, all of these and more tell your story.

But now they're left in the dark, neglected and forgotten. These items are collecting dust on a forgotten shelf in a dank unfinished basement. They're stuffed in a trunk somewhere in your garage. Perhaps they're left unprotected in a deteriorating cardboard box in your attic where they are subjected to the heat and cold of the passing seasons. The story of who you are, and your life encounters, remains untold.

We at Better Display Cases want to help you display your story.

As the name Better Display Cases entails, we are always striving to get better. While most of our competitors use cheap plastic and use molds for their cases, our cases are hand-crafted from durable crystal-clear acrylic. Our cases are also clearer, lighter, and safer than glass cases which reflect a green color cast that takes away clarity from the items displayed within, and, if accidently shattered, will leave dangerous shards that can cause potentially injury.

We offer a variety of options from which to choose. Our clear top cases give a full all-around view of your items. The laminate mirrored tops give depth and richness to the items within. And, our wall mounted cases keep your precious heirlooms out of reach and further protected while still prominently showcasing your collectibles.

Our polished black bases, made from the same durable acrylic as the case tops, give off a pleasant sheen making you items look clean and full.

Instead of cheap plastic gold or silver risers, we have a variety of colored metal risers that are durable and can be selected to match your memorabilia or home décor. Including the common black, gold, and silver risers, we also have red, white, blue, orange, green, purple, pink, and yellow. Match all of that with the numerous sizes we offer and you have over 400 different options from which to choose.

Put a hat on a shelf and no one will notice it. Put it in a display case and suddenly everyone wants to know its story. Let us help you display your story. Gather your precious mementos from the dark recesses of storage bins, boxes, basements and attics, dust them off, protect, and showcase them proudly and to your friends and family. Don't let your items depreciate in value. Don't let your story remain untold and forgotten.

Protect your mementos.

Display your story

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