Uncle Joe's Football Takeaways: Week Fourteen | Presented By: Better Display Cases
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  • The Patriots got to spend 2 weeks in sunny Los Angeles. They shut-out the Chargers 45-0 but then got beat by the Rams 24-3. I guess the California sun was too much for them.
  • You know 2020 is a crazy year when a team with no name is heavily favored to win their division and make a playoff run after beating up 49 homeless people in Arizona.

  • You think that's crazy? How about the Philadelphia Eagles beating the Saints? Who knew that benching Carson Wentz was the magical light switch to turn the team around? You could say it Hurts to think about what that team would look like if they stuck with Wentz as their starter!
  • The Minnesota Vikings appear to have added Charlie Brown to their roster after Dan Bailey missed 4 kicks on Sunday against Tampa Bay. It's not like things can get much worse. 
  • Andy Dalton returns to Cincinnati with a vengeance to beat up the Bengals 30-7. Dalton may not ever see a Super Bowl, but I'm sure beating the team that released him provides just as much satisfaction.
  • The Raiders have settled into their mid-season form as their defense gets raided for 44 points. I'm not a gambling man, but I'm willing to bet that the Las Vegas Raiders aren't going to the playoffs this year.
  • Steelers fans have invented a new game: Eat a Butterfinger candy bar every time Diontae Johnson drops the football.

  • It's always an exciting Monday night game when both defenses are terrible enough to allow so many points on the board. Browns fans haven't been this excited about a game since Mason Rudolph got clonked in the head.

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