The new football helmet season is drawing near...

The long awaited NFL 2020 season is fast approaching and the BDC team is ecstatic The new season isn’t the only thing we’re excited for. We’re excited for our new employees, new products, new content.

But we’re definitely not excited about the dreadfully new Washington Football Team name.

However, that is not the case for Martin McCauley. Just 32 miles up the road from us, Martin is the man responsible for buying up every semi-passable new Washington team name. Team names like Washington Red Wolves and Washington Red-Tailed Hawks would have been somewhat creative and welcomed. Washington Generals and Washington Monuments could have paid tribute to the city. Dan Snyder owned the name Washington Warriors but gave up the trademark back in 2019. Thus, we have the Dan Snyder brainchild “Washington Football Team”.

The Better Display Cases team is a little more creative than Dan. Thanks to our newest employee Joe, we have an exciting new video for you.

video thumbnail for football helmet display case video

Dust off that football helmet in your closet and put it back in the game with our Football Helmet Display Cases. With 4 base options and 11 riser colors, only Better Display Cases gives you a choice in how you display your memorabilia. We love our turf base because it brings that “on the field action” into your home for your football collectibles. Don’t be like the Washington Football Team. Don’t settle for generic. You can do better than that with Better Display Cases. Let us help you display your story.

A football helmet sits on a turf base inside a clear acrylic display case manufactured by Better Display Cases

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