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Wedding Bouquet
Display Case
Wall Mount or Table Top

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Rein'carnation' :
Bringing your bouquet of flowers back to life. 

So you're married, yeah yeah, now what do you do with all that wedding stuff???

Do you just throw it all away?
Do you plant your bouquet and see if it grows into a bigger and even more awesome bouquet? 
No, no, and no.

Luckily, Better Display Cases has you covered (literally).

  • Some flowers need less sunlight...
    • 'Better Display Cases' builds UV PROTECTION right in!
      (This keeps them from fading and discoloring over time)
  • How big is it?
    • The exterior dimensions of the case are 11.8" Tall; 11.8" Deep and 11.8" Wide
    • The usable interior dimensions are 11.55" Tall; 11.55" Deep; 11.55" Wide
  • What is made out of?
    • One big piece of thick, handmade acrylic that is smooth to the touch and ultra-clear.
    • The back slides right out so you can put your bouquet in (please note that the stand for the bouquet stem is 4.5" tall and the access to insert bouquet is from the back only -- so, it can be difficult to fit large and fragile bouquets into the stand)
  • Can it be a .... 'wall flower' ?
    • Yes, I'm glad you asked! It can easily be mounted to the wall thanks to the built in wall mounts. Or you can sit it on a shelf / table, too.

FREE MICROFIBER cleaning cloth included with each case!


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