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Catchers Mitt
Wall Mount Display
With Mirror
MLB, NCAA, and more!

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This case is a real 'Catch'

  • Maybe you got to play catch with Madison Bumgarner 
  • Maybe you're tired of wearing your glove 24/7 because... well... what else are you going to do with it?
  • Or maybe your son just got a full ride to college because of his catching skills...

Whatever the case, Better Display Cases has you covered (literally).

    • You had your moment in the sun, now get out of it! 
      • 'Better Display Cases' builds UV PROTECTION right in!
        (This keeps your mitt from fading or discoloring over time)

    • How big is it?
      • Bigger than your hand. Probably.
      • The exact dimensions are 14 inches Long; 8 inches Deep; 8.5 inches High.
      • The usable interior dimensions are 13.75 inches Long; 7.75 inches Deep; 7.65 inches High.

    • What is made out of?
      • The top is made from thick, handmade acrylic that is smooth to the touch and ultra-clear.
      • The base is made from two black acrylic sheets with our uniquely metal (not plastic) risers in between.

    • Where will I put it?
      • Thanks to the easy to assemble wall-mount (guide here) you can put your display case up on the wall or, if you'd like, leave the wall mount off and use the case for a table top or shelf. 
FREE MICROFIBER cleaning cloth included with each case!

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