Acrylic Display Case for Figurine Miniature Doll Bobblehead or Action Figure

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  • HIGH QUALITY clear acrylic display box; memorabilia cube comes fully assembled
  • Table Top option: FULLY ASSEMBLED with sliding removable (Clear/Mirror) back for easy access and RUBBER FEET on bottom to keep from scratching shelf or table
  • Wall Mount option: FULLY ASSEMBLED with sliding removable (clear/black/white) back with wall mount for easy access and to make hanging simple; mounting screws included
  • FREE MICROFIBER cleaning cloth included; perfect for Mcfarlane figure, doll, figurine, statue or any mini toy figure
  • HAND CRAFTED with polished edges; 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE - You shouldn't have any issues with your new purchase but in the rare case you do, just let us know and we will make it right! We strive for 100% customer satisfaction

  • 4.9" X 4.9" X 18.5" DIMENSIONS OUTSIDE: 4.875 inches Long, 4.875 inches Deep, 18.5 inches High; DIMENSIONS INSIDE: 4.5 inches Long, 4.5 inches Deep, 18.125 inches High

  • 5.5" X 5.5" X 9.5" DIMENSIONS OUTSIDE: 5.5 inches Long, 5.5 inches Deep, 9.5 inches High; DIMENSIONS INSIDE: 5.125 inches Long, 5.125 inches Deep, 9.125 inches High

  • 5.5" X 5.5" X 13.25" DIMENSIONS OUTSIDE: Length 5.5 inches, Depth 5.5 inches, Height 13.25 inches; DIMENSIONS INSIDE: Length 5.125 inches, Depth 5.125 inches, Height 12.875 inches

  • 6" X 6" X 15" DIMENSIONS OUTSIDE: 6 inches Long, 6 inches Deep, 15 inches High; DIMENSIONS INSIDE: 5.625 inches Long, 5.625 inches Deep, 14.625 inches High

  • 6" X 6" X 24" DIMENSIONS OUTSIDE: 6 inches Long, 6 inches Deep, 24 inches High; DIMENSIONS INSIDE: 5.625 inches Long, 5.625 inches Deep, 23.625 inches High

  • 7" X 7" X 18" DIMENSIONS OUTSIDE: 7 inches Long, 7 inches Deep, 18 inches High; DIMENSIONS INSIDE: 6.625 inches Long, 6.625 inches Deep, 17.625 inches High

  • 8" X 8" X 20" DIMENSIONS OUTSIDE: 8 inches Long, 8 inches Deep, 20 inches High; DIMENSIONS INSIDE: 7.625 inches Long, 7.625 inches Deep, 19.625 inches High

  • 10.5" X 10.5" X 14.5" DIMENSIONS OUTSIDE: 10.5 inches Long, 10.5 inches Deep, 14.5 inches High; DIMENSIONS INSIDE: 10.125 inches Long, 10.125 inches Deep, 14.125 inches High

  • 17" X 6" X 7" DIMENSIONS OUTSIDE: 17 inches Long, 6 inches Deep, 7 inches High; DIMENSIONS INSIDE: 16.625 inches Long, 5.625 inches Deep, 6.625 inches

Protect and display your collectible miniature doll, figurine, diecast model car, bobblehead, McFarlane, American Girl Doll, Geisha Doll or other item in one of our beautiful, high-quality, display cases. This display case will make your memorabilia stand out and provide protection from damage caused by dust, spills, fingerprints, light or simply something falling on top of it. These cases are constructed of 1/4" crystal clear, durable, high clarity acrylic. The front and top of the case are made from one piece of acrylic, giving an aesthetically pleasing rollover appearance with fewer seams.

The table top version has a clear or mirrored removable back piece which allows the memorabilia to be easily inserted and rubber feet on the bottom to prevent scratching your shelf or table. The wall mount version has a clear/black/white removable back piece with wall mounts which allows the memorabilia to be easily inserted and gives you the option of displaying your memorabilia in the case and mounted to the wall.

This is a wonderful gift for any person with a collectible to display.

Memorabilia pictured in the display case is not included. Check out the pictures of the various items our very creative customers display with these cases.

Manufactured and sold only by Better Display Cases (a Veteran owned company). This display case is sold only by Better Display Cases. If you purchase it from a different seller you will not receive the same product pictured in this listing.

We would love to help you display your story!

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