A display case is something to be valued, so it is good to make sure it is mounted to the wall safely and securely. For those unfamiliar with the best way to hang a wall mount, let our friend Austin show you how to hang up your wall mounted display case.


1) If you're using a plastic wall anchor, make sure you screw the screw into the wall anchor first and then tap the top of the screw head with your hammer. This will prevent the plastic wall anchor from bending.

2) Depending on the wall anchor you use, it may not always use a quarter-inch or #4 drill bit. In general you want to use a drill bit that is slightly bigger than the wall anchor's width.

3) Compared to shims, cardboard is a better alternative because you can make it as thick & thin as you want it, and it's easier to hide behind the wall mount.

4) In the video, we show the screw holes being marked & drilled separately. We recommend drawing the line across the length of the wall mount so you can mark both holes before drilling.