Top of Display Case Used as Cover for a New Stylish Record Player

When Better Display Cases started out our main focus was catering to customers that desired to display and protect their sports memorabilia. Boy have we grown, and our growth dependa a lot on customers that gave us feedback. This is why we strive to constantly provide better display cases. Because, we're always getting better.

As with our previous blog entry, one of our product's has been used for a slightly different purpose and the end result looks great. A recent customer, Greg Voth, modified a beautiful "Well Tempered Simplex" record table but kept the original 15" x 15" WT Simplex plinth. The only thing left to add was a nice clear dust cover. While shopping around he found a few covers that would fit but with exuberant prices. Then he found us.

Display Case Used as a Cover for an Old Fashioned Record Player

As you can see the dust cover of our case fit perfectly for Greg. He added felt pads to the bottom of the cover to prevent any scratches to his table and the finished result speaks for itself. In the next photo you can see the whole project adds a bit of warmth and classy atmosphere to Greg's home.

Display Case Used as a Cover for an Old Fashioned Record Player

We are constantly amazed by our customer's ingenuity and craftiness. The product that Greg used for his cover was our 15" x 15" x 6" Versatile Acrylic Display Case with Solid Black Base which can also be found on Amazon here along with many assorted size cases to fit your creative ideas.

Display your story and tell us about it. We love hearing from our customers.