March 22 Update From Better Display Cases

Mirror Bases Have Arrived!

If you read our blog about our new mirror bases then already know how game-changing they are. Not only is the mirror base beautiful, but because it comes with a clear platform, it also serves the functional purpose of displaying the bottom of the memorabilia. No other base does this. Game changing!

The only problem is we only have about 10 in stock for each of our cases. Also, other than the soccer ball display case they are so new that we haven't created listings for them yet. If you want one, please contact us to arrange it.

Mirror Bases Display Cases

Also, we received a large shipment on Friday and so now have most of our display cases back in stock. That includes our full size football helmet cases -- with mirror backs. They will likely be sold out again in a week or two so please act now if you want one.

For those of you who want a case that's Made in the USA -- we have some of them now that we've found a supplier in Virginia. Those cases include our clear (no mirror) cases for A001, A002, A026 and A082. We also have some A027 mirror cases made in Virginia. Again, just contact us if you want one of these cases.

Well, that's about it for now. Our March Coupon Code is at the top of the page so please feel free to use it.

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