March 2020 Update From Better Display Cases

Whadda Ya mean you’re sold out?!?: We haven’t gotten a newsletter out since October as we have been so busy with orders! We saw a 70% increase in sales during the holiday season of November and December, much larger than our expected increase of 25%! We thought things would taper off after the start of the New Year, but we were wrong--sales have stayed high (at least until this week when the Corona virus seems to have finally had an impact). Obviously, this is great news, BUT it has resulted in us selling out of some of more popular items. DO NOT worry, NONE of our items are being discontinued; we will have them available for sale once we get more stock in around the end of next month.

Sold Out SOld Out!! Thank you so much!!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  We do have the green here at BDC. We have our turf bases and green risers! This is an almost perfect match and a great default choice for turf bases. The green risers “vanish” in the turf and let’s your item really be showcased! Of course, the other ten colors look nice, too, and can help bring out certain colors of what your displaying.

A005 Mini-Football Case
A005 Mini-Football Case
A002 Lacrosse (or Football) Helmet Case
A002 Lacrosse (or Football) Helmet Case

Coupon Code for Spring! With Easter and Mother’s Day coming up we’re offering a deal on our flower cases. We have the nine-hole flower case, A053 with and without the drawer, and it’s variations the A093 (12 holes), A094 (18 holes), and A095 (24 holes) all with drawers; and then there’s the A031 mirrored case with the optional wall mount that will hold a bouquet.

Flower display case Wedding bouquet display case

between now and May 11th and get 12% off your entire order!

Get these before they're sold out, too!

Chili Cook-Off postponed: We were recently asked to help out at a charity event for SEMPER K9, an organization that takes rescue and donated dogs and trains them to work with wounded (click the link for more information). They got a football signed by last year’s Green Bay Packers players and staff. We went with clear platform over a mirrored base with gold risers. The picture here doesn’t do it justice as this may be the best looking base that I’ve seen!

Football signed by Green Bay Packers players and staff - Display

The Chili Cook-Off was supposed to take place this weekend, but due to the corona virus it has been postponed until April 25th. If you’re interested it is taking place at 6030 Burke Commons Road, Burke, VA 22015. There’s a $15 fee for chili tasters and that let’s you taste/eat all the chilis entered and gets you one vote for Favorite Chili. In addition to the chili tasting, there is a silent auction (you want that Green Bay Packers football!), a raffle and 50/50.

Sean has entered the Chili Cook-Off and would appreciate your support if you’re in the area!

Chili Cook-Off