Zoom Backdrops And Display Cases: A Winning Look

Our display cases are the perfect way to give your new home office that WOW factor

Mashable recently posted their 21 best and worst celebrity Zoom rooms. Now this is Better Display Cases, not TMZ, so you're probably wondering "Zoom rooms?" "Celebrities?" What does this have to do with display cases?

Consider the following:


This Turf Base, Red Risers display cases are the perfect way to give your home or office a WOW factor.


A002 Mirror Football Helmet Display Case w/ Wall Mount, Turf Base, Red Risers

You're behind your computer/laptop working from home, the entire office looking at you and your home, every eye examining every inch of your home for imperfections. Their eyes are drawn to your wall where they see our gorgeous A002 (soon to be V44) football helmet display case mounted to your wall. "Hey where'd you get that cool helmet?" "Is that helmet signed or something?" "Why is that helmet in a display case?" What a great conversation piece for your new digital audience in your home! We've also got basketball display casesbaseball display cases, and every sport imaginable.

Our display cases are the perfect way to give your new home office that WOW factor. They're versatile to hold any collectible or memorabilia with a wide variety of sizes, base options, and riser colors to fit all your needs. 

Here are some more ideas for sprucing up your home for telecommuting.


 A bookcase is great for storing books but a display case is better for displaying your favorite books


A084 Book Display Case

Our A084 book display case is perfect for bringing the office book club into your home. A bookcase is great for storing books but a display case is better for displaying your favorite books. Show off that signed copy of your favorite novel without fear of coffee stains, grubby fingerprints, and other office mayhem. The sliding back on our book cases gives you easy access to your book and is simple to hang. All our book display cases also protect against UV light emitted by your interior lighting to protect against fading. We offer a variety of sizes for any book in your collection.


Baseball Floating Shelves with mini baseball bat holders


A023 Baseball Bat Wall Mount

Wall mounts are a lightweight and cost-effective way to knock your Zoom background out of the park. Our horizontal baseball bat wall mounts are designed to hold your baseball. Mix it up with our Baseball Floating Shelves. Did you know we have mini baseball bat holders as well? Do you like fly fishing more than fly balls? Shop our full collection of wall mounts from Archery wall mounts to Volleyball wall mounts.


This clear acrylic floating shelves blends in with any wall color.


3x A083 Floating Shelf

 Floating shelves create a versatile display solution for all your home decor needs. Our clear acrylic shelving blends in with any wall color or material and are made from a single sheet of 3/16" acrylic creating a sturdy and strong shelf, yet retaining a minimalist look. Our floating shelf brackets are great for displaying trinkets or baubles while our floating shelves are great for your larger objects like statues, pottery, and figurines.


This doll display cases come in a variety of sizes to fit any collectible.



Dolls don't need to hide in a cabinet in your living room any longer! Our doll display cases come in a variety of sizes to fit any collectible. Our bobblehead display case is perfectly fitted with a little extra "wiggle room" for the bobbling. Our A087 figurine display case tops out at 10x10x14 interior dimensions, large enough to hold almost any doll or figurine. Not only can these cases be displayed vertically, they can be displayed horizontally or sit on your tabletop with rubber feet protecting your furniture.


Brighten up your office with This Flower Bouquet Display Case.


A031 Flower Display Case w/ Wall Mount

Brighten up your office with our Flower Bouquet Display Case. Keep your office desk clean and tidy by elevating your flowers to new heights. Our flower display case will bring life to your walls and create a high-end interior design look. A display case is perfect for protecting your artificial flowers from dust to keep them looking as new as the day you bought them.

As a special thank you for reading our blog post, please use ZOOM10 to save 10% off your entire purchase! The world may be locked out of your home, but Zoom meetings bring inside. With the right case or shelf you can create a stunning home presentation that will really WOW your co-workers. Let Better Display Cases help you display your story!

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