Our Display Case Was on Shark Tank

PLEASE NOTE:  This is actually old news.  This happened several years ago.  But, I noticed we never put anything on our website about it.  Rather we just had a Facebook post.  So, below is a copy of that Facebook post.   

There is an update though, because about a month ago, Shark Tank ordered some of our ping pong paddle holders.  I guess maybe they have a break room with a ping pong table.  So, if I ever go on the show I'll start by telling them that they already know our product well, even if they don't realize it.  

I need to reach back out to Robbie and see if he can help us get on Shark Tank


Today was a good day!

Just discovered our display case was on Shark Tank this past Sunday. So, I record EVERY episode of it (so I can watch and re-watch, etc) and I was watching my recording last night. If you saw it, you'll remember the Benji Lock guy who was offered a deal with Alex Rodriguez and almost all the Sharks; then surprisingly picked Kevin O'Leary.

Our display case was on Shark Tank

Anyway, I saw his product in a display case on the set and immediately I was like -- "that's our display case." I noticed because our risers are unique (I'll explain why in another post -- but that's probably why he bought the case).

So, I contacted Robbie Cabral through LinkedIn and he was nice enough to respond (even though he's obviously absolutely crazy busy at this moment -- his website is even crashed).

He told me he bought the case on Amazon. I checked and sure enough, I found his order (he actually has bought 3 cases). Pretty cool. I guess now we can say about our display cases: "As Seen on Shark Tank." Ha!  [Please note disclaimer below so we don't get in trouble :) ] 

Discovered our display case was on Shark Tank

Here's a couple of pics showing our case on the show.


DISCLAIMER:  We are not claiming "we" were on Shark Tank.  Just that our product was.  

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