How To Display Your Model Tanks

Today is Veterans Day! And thank you to all the veterans out there for your service to this great country. This Veterans Day, we wanted this blog to be more on that theme. With that in mind, we received a photo from a customer of how they used one of our model tank display case.


This image came to us from our friend, Tim, on Facebook. These model tanks fit the case perfectly and we’re so glad to see what our customers choose to display in our display cases. That and tanks are just really cool!


The tank has been historically one of the greatest military inventions going back to World War I where more crude and unrefined versions were invented in response to trench warfare. The never-ending stalemate could finally be brought to an end by having an armored vehicle crossing “No Man’s Land” and penetrating enemy defenses. By World War II, tanks were a staple of land theatres of war. Post-WWII led to the development of the modern battle tank design we all have come to know. 


The clear acrylic of the case provides an unobstructed view of model war machines, and is vastly superior to glass alternatives. You can read more on that by clicking HERE.

The black double sheet brings out the colors of the tanks and really brings them out. Display your model tanks, these beautiful models of mechanized warfare, the best way possible, in a better display case.