A Collection Of Antique Typewriters On Display

Normally, when we receive a customer photo, it is of a single display case with a single item on display. And don't me wrong, that's great! But every now and then, in very rare instances, we get a video from a customer. In this specific instance, we got a video from a customer showing us how he is using a large number of display cases he has ordered from us.

Dave Dietrich, a long time customer of Better Display Cases, sent us a video showing off his collection of antique typewriters that he has amassed over the years. In the video, I counted at least EIGHT typewriters in display cases.

Again, I counted eight typewriters in display cases, but if you happen to have counted more, please let me know.

The video shows off a vast collection of typewriters ranging from a Mignon Schreibmaschine 2, one of the first point and click typewriter pre-cursors, to the first actual typewriter.

The clear acrylic with each of these cases is crystal clear, providing an unobstructed view of the antiques on display. A Better Display Cases display case is designed to protect your precious items from dirt, dust and grime or breakage from items falling on top of it, all while putting the contents of the case on display. 

Dave had this to say in the email he sent us:

"I've been buying your cases, and like the quality / options.
I also admire the way you guys have built and portray your company............e.g., the CEO's story."
Thank you for sharing your video with us and for the kind words. We hope to hear from everyone of our customers on how they choose to display their story.


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