Turf Display Case Holds Handcrafted Shoes Made For a True Buckeye Wedding

We recently got in touch with a customer, Charlie, who wanted to display something very special and handmade in one of our display cases. He was married to his wife on a beautiful fall day back in September of 2016, at "The Horseshoe," the home stadium of the Ohio State Buckeyes, and, prior to the wedding, he wanted to make something special for his wife to wear while she walked down the aisle.

Turf Display Case Holds Handcrafted Shoes Made For a True Buckeye Wedding

Since he was unable to sew a whole wedding dress in the time he had to prepare, he decided to go for something that was a bit smaller, but that still packed an important punch. Charlie decided on putting together wedding shoes for his bride to walk down the aisle in, with the Buckeye logo on them. After many long evenings spent designing and constructing them, he created something that surprised his wife, and himself, with how unique and well-crafted it was.

Charlies' fiancé wore them as she strode down the field, to the fifty yard line to become his wife. Now these shoes are proudly displayed in one of our cleat cases, complete with turf so it almost looks like the shoes never left the field that this couple got married on.

Turf Display Case Holds Handcrafted Shoes

The case and the shoes are going to stand in their so-called "buckeye cave' which is a game room fit for a couple with this much enthusiasm for football. From just a cursory glance you can see a mini-basketball game, a pinball table, and set ups for ping-pong, air hockey, and foosball. Looks like someone could spend a whole weekend in there and never get bored.

True Buckeye Wedding Game Room Photo

Hearing about Charlie's dedication to making the wedding special, and getting to see pictures of their special day brightened everyone's mood around the office, so we knew we had to share it with you. I hope it brightened your day as well.

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