NEW PRODUCT: Full Size Football and Mini Helmet Display Case

New product alert everyone! 

Back in January, our friend Jim on Facebook asked about a display case intended for a full size football and a mini football helmet.  At the time of his asking, this case did not exist. But then, more customers began making requests for the exact same display case. “Do you have a display case that would fit a full size football and mini helmet?” Well, as of now, yes.

Introducing the brand new Full Size Football and Mini Helmet Display Case!

This new display case is designed to protect and display your collectible full size football and mini helmet. This display case will make your football collectibles stand out and provide protection from damage caused by dust, spills, fingerprints, light or simply something falling on top of it. These cases are constructed of clear, durable high clarity acrylic. The front and top of the case are made from one piece of acrylic, giving an aesthetically pleasing rollover appearance with fewer seams.

The turf base will complement the items in the case, giving them that on-the-field look that you can’t get with a standard black base. Included with the base will be your choice of gold, silver, black, red, white, orange, blue, purple, green, pink or yellow metal risers, with metal screws and nuts - not cheap plastic ones like other manufacturers use. The color of the risers you receive may vary slightly from what you see on this listing.

Better Display Cases prides itself on offering unique display cases, better display cases if you will, that meet your display needs, where some of our best products have come from ideas from our customers. We do our very best to meet your display needs and the Full Size Football and Mini Helmet Display Case is the newest addition to our line of products intended for displaying your story.