Rugby, A Showcase for Physical and Mental Toughness

There's been a lot of discussion about masculinity over the last couple of years and I don't want to get too deep into this issue, but testosterone and/or the urge to compete against others physically and mentally needs venue to be released. And that's why there's rugby. Becky, with The Belmont Shore Rugby Club out in California, recently ordered our A004 Rugby Ball display case. They got it to display their "Leather Balls" award given to the toughest player on the team as voted by the players, not the coaches. This year they changed it from a simple standard trophy to a hand-made leather rugby ball and needed a case suitable to display this prestigious award.

Rugby, A Showcase for Physical and Mental Toughness

This award carries a lot of respect with it. The Belmont Shore Rugby Club has a tradition of excellence. They have on three separate occasions sent TWO teams to the Nationals Finals in the same year, the only Club to do so. To find out more about the club, their men's, women's and youth programs, check out their website:

Ed Robinson wrote a great article for The Sun about the club and highlights the positive aspects of this club's programs. He covers it well, and there is no need for me to repeat his efforts. I highly recommend that you go to: and read it for yourself.

But back to the award. With its history of excellence, any award given by the players in the club to one of their own is imbued with respect. It's given to the guy who is relentless in tackling and defense and on offense he gets back up and makes yardage even if his body is bloody, bruised, or bone-weary. It goes to the guy who is tough, relentless, and never quits. Becky's husband won the award back in the mid 70's. The award meant a lot to him as he was chosen over players who were faster, stronger, bigger, or went on to Pro/National teams. This year their son won the award.

What the Leather Balls award really recognizes is not physical toughness-although that is a part of it-but rather mental toughness; a trait that we-male, female, adult, or child-all should possess if we want to succeed in life.