Beatles Band Memorabilia Display Case

Back in April we received an inquiry from Mr. Jones who asked if we had a case that would fit a unique set of items he wanted to display and protect. And who wouldn't want to display this cool miniature Beatles Band collection.

You can see the "before/after" difference. The picture below shows the

individual parts displayed in their protective plastic bags. The instruments look like they belonged in his "good living room" with the plastic covered furniture.

Beatles Band Memorabilia Display

We were happy to help Mr. Jones display his Beatles memorabilia with one of our versatile cases and vastly improve his display of the Fab Four's miniature equipment. After receiving his case and encapsulating the group's miniature replicas, he sent us this pic with the message "Adding the case really makes a big difference - I spent several minutes just looking at it and smiling!"

Beatles Band Memorabilia Display

We were so happy to see how well the case worked out. The Beatles instruments are very happy in their new home and are proudly displayed. We expect he will enjoy many more magical mystery moments when looking at awesome Beatles memorabilia.