The Victoria Psalter

Eric sent us a message on Facebook to share how he's using our A071 bookcase.

The book being displayed is a Easton Press reprint of The Victoria Psalter by Owen Jones. Printed in 1861 and dedicated to Queen Victoria, with her permission of course, Jones sought to illustrate the Book of Psalms for British readers.


The Book of Hours (which included extracts from the four gospels) superseded the Book of Psalms but interestingly in that book any references to Mary were considered heretical as they glorified "Romanism" (Catholicism), so authors emphasized works that focused on the words and actions of Christ.

Eric let us know that the A071 Book Display Case is perfect for storing it on a table by a window to read in morning to meditate and also protect it from his two cats.

Our book cases are great for protecting oversized books like the one printed by Easton Press. Or, if you have a Bible or other book that isn't as large, we do have regular size Book Display Cases that are perfect for displaying your family Bible on your tables or walls.


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