Baseball Glove Display Case

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We, at Better Display Cases, want to help you display your story.

Whether you have an autographed baseball glove from your favorite player or a glove that brings back memories of your own team and time playing on the field; we offer a variety of display case options for your glove.

Our clear top cases give a full all-around view of your items. The laminate mirrored tops give depth and richness to the items within. And, our wall mounted cases keep your precious heirlooms out of reach and further protected while still prominently showcasing your collectible.

We have more bases to choose from than our competition. Not only do we offer a sturdier black base than our competition; we also offer a turf covered base, a white base, a clear base, and recently added to our collection, a laminated mirror base. All are made from the same durable acrylic as the case tops.

Instead of cheap plastic gold or silver risers, we have a variety of colored metal risers that are durable and can be selected to match your memorabilia or home décor. Including the common black, gold, and silver risers, we also have red, white, blue, orange, green, purple, pink, and yellow. All of that together gives you over 100 different ways in which you can customize your display case. Since our risers are made of sturdy metal you can order a case with white risers so you can prime and paint them for your own completely unique display case.

Put a hat on a shelf and no one will notice it. Put it in a display case and suddenly everyone wants to know its story. Let us help you display your story. Gather your precious mementos from the dark recesses of storage bins, boxes, basements and attics, dust them off, protect, and showcase them proudly to your friends and family. Don’t let your items depreciate in value. Don’t let your story remain untold and forgotten.

Protect your mementos.

Display your story

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