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Acrylic Bobblehead Display Case w/ Sliding Back A016/D01

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Bobble your head 'Yes'

  • Perfect for small dolls, figurine, statue or bobbleheads
  • Perfect for a "Dwight" bobblehead from "The Office"

    Whatever you have, Better Display Cases has you covered (literally).

      • Bobbleheads can get sunburned too
        • 'Better Display Cases' builds UV PROTECTION right in!
          (This reduces fading and discoloring over time)
      • How big is it?
        • DIMENSIONS OUTSIDE: 5.5 inches Long, 5.5 inches Deep, 9.5 inches High
          DIMENSIONS INSIDE: 5 inches Long, 5 inches Deep, 9 inches High
      • What is made out of?
        • Thick, handmade acrylic that is smooth to the touch and ultra-clear.
        • The back slides out so you can put your bobble in.
    FREE MICROFIBER cleaning cloth included with each case!
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