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A customer contacted us about some Street Cat Bob memorabilia that she wanted to put on display. The contents of the display are a scarf that Bob wore, along with a certificate signed by Bob's owner James stating that this scarf in which once belonged to Bob is now in rightful ownership to Helen, our customer. Below is a picture of the contents being displayed in one of our cases.

Street Cat Bob

Upon further research, it turns out that there is a lot greater story behind Bob than most may realize. The story of Bob and his owner, James Bowen, originates on the streets of London back in the early 2000s while James was homeless and struggling with a drug problem. James happened to come across a stray cat that he began to care for, spending his last dollars on the cat's wellbeing over his own. This led to a bond that would never be broken until the unfortunate passing of Street Cat Bob. Along their journey busking the streets of London together, lots of attention gravitated towards the two and they began to gain some fame. The fame was not short-lived because James is now a published author with several books about his time spent with Bob. For more information about James and Bob, some links are below containing more detailed information.

Here is an additional picture of James and Bob. In this photo, Bob is wearing the scarf that our customer is displaying, and this photo itself can actually be found in the display (bottom right of the picture above).

Street Cat Bob

We hope that this story inspires you just as much as it does us at Better Display Cases. If you leave this blog and it reminds you of some important artifact or memorabilia that you have, display it! Inspire others as this story inspired you, but don't forget to share it with us!

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