Uncle Joe's Divisional Round Takeaways: 2020 Season | Presented By: Better Display Cases

  • The most deserving fan base in the NFL for a Lombardi, the Bills Mafia are thrilled that Buffalo managed to hold Lamar Jackson to 3 points. Meanwhile, Lamar Jackson has occupied his time on late night phone calls with Cam Newton asking for advice on how to cope with his downhill career. At least Jackson gets the consolation prize of having Bills fans donate over $300,000 to his charity.
  • The Los Angeles Rams face a bitter cold loss in Green Bay after their defense gave up 32 points to the Packers. Who knew that a defense built around a star player recovering from a rib injury would hamper this warm weather team so badly? Oh yeah, literally everybody.
  • Oh great…now we get to hear “Helmet-to-Helmet” as the rallying cry from Browns fans for the next 5-10 years joining their friends from Dallas who still think Dez caught it. It doesn’t take away from the fact that the Browns had multiple opportunities to take the lead but instead got upstaged by Chad Henne doing his best Lamar Jackson impression and throwing a shotgun pass on 4th & inches. Not bad for a future XFL quarterback.
  • The greatest matchup of the NFL postseason: Tom Brady vs. Drew Brees. What was expected to be a triumphant battle ended in heartbreak as Drew Brees produced 4 costly turnovers and gave the Buccaneers great field position to score multiple touchdowns. While Big Ben became the laughing stock of the NFL after he also produced four turnovers in his postseason loss, future Hall-Of-Famer Drew Brees leaves the Superdome (for what is likely the final time) with the sympathy of the entire NFL.