Shoe Display Case Buyer's Guide

Looking for the right size display case for a pair of Air Jordans? How about a display case for one shoe and not two? We have the best display cases for all your athletic shoes AND the best guide for finding the right size shoe display case. We will show you how to choose the right size display case for your shoes, so you will not have to deal with returning an ill-fitting case. We will also give you some tips and tricks on displaying your shoes.

Nike Shoes in display cases showing size comparison

















So what’s the difference between these two display cases? Without a ruler or a clearer picture, it's a little hard to tell! Let’s check out the specifications.





Two different cases with two different style bases can create a world of difference! So now that you know the difference, how can we apply it?

  • A025 is best for high top shoes
  • A026 is best for athletics shoes
  • Taller shoes should use floors instead of bases
  • Women’s shoes are smaller and may be better in A026 regardless of size

Now what if you have a shoe that is larger than our A025? We have display cases that fit Shaq’s shoes. Our A014 can hold some of the largest shoes available for purchase. Again, you need to use a floor instead of a base if the shoe is too tall.

If you’re displaying a single shoe, our A013 is best for men’s high top shoes and athletic shoes. High top shoes would work better with a floor instead of a base. Women’s shoes are smaller and will fit more snugly in our A011 due to the 1 inch difference.

We have some helpful tips and tricks for displaying your shoes.

Our mirrored A013 can create the illusion of a shoe pair. Use two A013s like this can make your shoe collection twice as big.

Our acrylic bases and floors with Vinyl Wood print combined with high tops gives your home that courtside look. Bowling shoes look striking when the wood turns into a bowling lane. Our wood is a Better Display Cases exclusive.

Our artificial turf bases and floors give your soccer cleats a home-field advantage. Football cleats get an extra point when paired with turf. Baseball cleats knock it out of the park on our turf. Our artificial turf is a Better Display Cases exclusive.

White and black may be neutral colors, but they can create a world of difference when used correctly. Black bases with black shoes can make your shoes disappear; that is not good. We want you to showcase what is inside the box so use a white base with darker shoes. Likewise, use black bases for showing off lighter color shoes.

Clear bases will make your Air Jordan’s truly “Air” Jordan’s. The clear base will create a floating appearance to any shoe. But be aware that the base adds 1 inch and there is no floor option, so you may have to go up a size. Clear bases are a Better Display Cases exclusive.

To finish your display case, you will need to choose which color risers you want for your base. Orange sneakers with orange risers complement each other well. White risers bring attention to Nike or Adidas logos. Gold risers can bring attention to golden signatures. Purple and yellow risers can show your Lakers pride.

“But wait, when I go to pick my riser colors I can only choose between yellow or purple, not both.” We can help you customize your order to fit your needs! Want two different riser colors? We can do that! How about large risers instead of small? We can do that to! Whatever you’re looking to display, we’re here to help. Just contact us at or (540) 602-2692 and we will help you display your story!


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