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You might not know Kevin Sharp by name but I guarantee that you've heard his hit single "Nobody knows it but me" (You can give it a listen below) Before Kevin passed away in April of 2014, he was notorious for always wearing a cap. He even wore them in many of his music videos! To help preserve his memory, his sister Lisa placed his caps in some of our display cases.  I just wanted you to know that items like this one have many more uses than that related to sports. My brother, Kevin Sharp (#1 Country Singer who died...

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Here's a quick overview of our smaller line of acrylic display cases. Find out what makes them better.

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Below is a picture from the Collectors Showcase of America show at the Dulles Expo Center, near Dulles Airport in Virginia, the weekend of April 10 - 12, 2015. At the next show be sure to look for our booth under the "Better Display Cases" banner. Let me know ahead of time if you want to buy multiple items so I can be sure to have them. You can buy our display cases at the best prices of the year at this show. Here's the link for more info about the show.

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